On and about Bonsai

tisdag 16 juni 2015

About Nursery stock

Here is an advice for you, if you ever consider buy a "mallsai" or bonsai-plant from a flowershop.

Usually they cost from about 15 to 30 euros (160 to 300 swedish krona). Of course there is more expensive material. But very often you hesitate on buying one, because you are afraid of "killing it".

Very often this is true. If you are a beginer, you thend to oerwattering the tree. You have to consider that the soil it comes in, is set to hold water. It´s not a good soil-type, because the roots usually rot away. You can of course keep it alive for a very long period of time, if you dont overwater it. But the tree will not develop as it should be. It will only be a plant. In time it will also die, because it needs to be repoted. It´s the only way to encourage rootgrow. This is important, because if there is no rootdevelopment, the there will be no more space for new roots and the tree will not be able to get more food. The tree will die.

If you want to get better material or a healthier tree, you should consider buying a tree from nursery stock.

Yes, there is plenty of material that you can convert to bonsaimaterial. Bigger than mallsais too!
You can find conifers and deciduous bushes of all kinds.
And the best part is that they allready come planted in a better soil than mallsais, with better rootsystem.
They usually cost around 30 to 50 euros in Sweden, depending of the quality and kind of tree.

But you dont have to only buy conifers. You can buy fruit trees, as apples, pears, cherrytrees and so on.
Often they are very long , with 3 or 5 branches at the top but nothing the first 50 och 100 cm.
Here is the trick. If you prune this bransches back severely and give it a lot of nutrition, then it may start develop new buds and branches down the trunk. This will improve your chances to create better ramification and a better shape for your tree.

After a while, the tree will have good established new branches and you can cut off the top that you dont want and create a new one with a smaller thiner branch.

You can do this with allmost all kind of deciduous trees and larch,  from nursery stock.
And its easier for new beginners.