On and about Bonsai

måndag 15 juni 2015


This are some of the cuttings I have going on for the moment. They are in the growing stage, wich will continue for some years, depending on how fast they grow. There are about 140 Chaenomeles Japonica that are hardy here in Sweden, known as Rosenkvitten. I am also experimenting with 40 Punica granatum (seeds from the store) but this is resulting to be more difficult than I expected. There where 150 from the begining. And my newest ones are 25 cuttings from seed, from a maple variety collected in Hungary this year. I think it´s Acer pseudoplatanus but im not sure.

A Bunjing styled Scott Pine

I got this yamadori about 4 years ago. It was last year that it developed as I wanted and this year it went into a bonsai pot. The wiring will stay on to the next year. I will only cut the candles half-way, to encurage backbudding for the next year. Lenght about 105 cm.

A Juniper from nursery

I got this Himalaya Juniper from a nursery about 2 years ago. I pruned it back to this shape last year.
I will only pinch it back this year and the next, hoppefully to encurage backbudding.

My version of....

A little Shohin. Its a Gooseberry that I created as bonsai last year. The actual trunk is a former topbranch from an older gooseberry bush I planted from a cutting about 9 years ago. It has been in training for 3 years know. In the future I will plant it in abigger pot and maybe create a bigger bonsai, informal uppright. But this is way in the future. Maybe I should remove the berries, because they drain water and nutrition from the tree.

A Scott Pinus that...

...I have had for 3 years now. It is giving me some problems with the design, because the trunk is to straight and allready to hard to just bend. But I tried to make it more curved. I will have to use rubberband or raffia when I´ll try to bend it next time. I had the idea to make a cascade of it.....but maybe I should rethink my plans. The total lenght is about 90 cm