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onsdag 29 juli 2015

Long time project

Last year we helped at neighboor to get rid of a large branch from an old willow that was obstructing the roofgutter, where the rain flows down from the roof. I noticed that one of the branches had started develop roots and this gave me an idea.

By now all knows that willowbranches are easily rooted. But have never seen if a large trunk could develop roots.

Sadly I didn´t took any pictures of the 5 logs i got from the large branch.
I puted them on water for a time until i saw small white tips of roots comming out from the barch-piece that was submerged in the water. Only 2 grew new branches from the better places. The other I planted back in the ground, to become new trees. I gave one away and the last i saved for myself.

Some carving will be required in the future but for now it will grow freely.

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