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tisdag 21 juli 2015

Carmona Retusa

I Recently boughted this Carmona Retusa or Fukien Tee from a local store for 199 swedish krona. Its about 23 cm including pot.

 This is a flowering variety that is excelent for new begginers, provided that you replant them, as I will show now.

It was very expensive for such a poor quality and size but I wanted to try to have a winter indoor tree ( In Sweden its to cold outside during winter for more tropical plants. The temperature can drop down to -23 degree celsius. But you can keep tropical trees indoor.

The soil was of poor quality and drainage. There was hardly any root development and the tree wasn´t attached to the pot.

I washed out all the "soil" it was in but did not pruned back the little amount of roots the tree even then have developed.

I planted it in my bonsai-soil with better drainage and with slow releasing fertilizer, in a bigger pot.

I would have planted it in a bigger and deeper pot, if I wanted to make the tree bigger but a as I said, i want to keep it indoor during autumn and winter. I also changed the angle of it, to better secure it to the pot, to give the rotts a better chance to grow undisturbed.

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