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fredag 5 oktober 2012

Chinesse Ulmus and Zelkova Zerrata

In Sweden its common to find this kind of trees marketed as Zelkovas in differnet flower shops.
When I think about it, I have never seen a tree marketed as a Chinesse elm.

This is how a Chinesse elm could look like:
 This one i boughted at the yearly Swedish Bonsai Association from Leif Jensen at http://www.bonbonsai.se/

This one i boughted (as a Zelkova) 2 years ago in a flower shop.

This one boughted I as a Zelkova arround 3 years ago. It was intended to be grown in a broom style

This is how a Chinesse elm/ulmus parvifolia leeves looks like. Its shiny and not so pointy as a Zelkova.

And this is how the leeves of a Zelkova Zerrata could look like:
The leeves of the Zerrata are more pointy and not so shiny as the Ulmus.

And this is how a Zelkova Zerrata Bonsai could look like. This tree is shown at The Art of Bonsai homepage and it is property of Hans Vleugels from Belgium.

Even though they look very similar, there are differences between them. But it could be difficult to see them if you dont have anything else to compare with.
The Chinesse elm /Ulmus Parvifolia is often darker in the trunk than the Zelkova Zerrata.

But you can find almost anything marketed as anything else.
Please follow this link and you will find a Ficus Retusa marketed as a Ulmus Zelkova indoor plant, at Ebay!!!!

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