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måndag 2 januari 2012

What is Bonsai?

There are three points I would like to address with this question:

1 - What does bonsai means? Bonsai is Japanese and means tree in a pot.

2 - What kind of species are Bonsai? All plants with woody stems and branches can be in one way or another after a time turned into Bonsai.

3 - What does a bonsai tree look like? Well ..... The answer to this question needs a little further explanation with a little background.

Bonsai art started from the beginning in China under the name of Penjing. The art was taken up by the Japanese, who developed it and created more guidelines in order to refine this art.
It is only in the middle of the 1900s as the art itself took root in the West and seriously took off in the western hemisphere

What does a bonsai tree look like? Bonsai is a way to copy nature's creation, to design a plant for some aesthetic guidelines. The Chinese approach to the art is different in some ways from the Japanese point of view. I would not go into all the different rules for how a bonsai should look like, there are several books and Internet sites that are already dealing with this topic.

I would rather take up a new idea, the new conception of what a bonsai should look like.
For me bonsai is a way of trying to mimic nature's own creation. Nature shapes the trees different. There is not a single tree in the forest or park, which looks the same. Straight trunk, thick, thin, short, long, curved, crooked, double, smooth, bark, prickly, soft, hard, green, brown, etc., etc..
Some have few branches, others look like bushes, etc., etc..

What does a bonsai tree look like? As a tree in nature, I answer. But trying to get a tree to look like all the above forms is a bit difficult. Examine instead what kind of material you have in front of you and try to see the possibilities in it, try to see the tree in it, nature's own suggestions.

I'm not saying the Japanese or Chinese form of this art is wrong. But those are not the only guidelines you should follow. I mean, as long as you are honest to nature's creation, and yourself, you can create the most beautiful bonsai trees.

What is a bonsai tree look like? Here is a suggestion from nature itself:)

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  1. En jättesnygg tall på den första bilden! Och tallen längst ner kommer också att bli snygg när du bonsaiat den!

  2. Håller med dig.
    Ser med spänning hur mina nya yamadori och inköpta buskar/träd ska utvecklas i framtiden.