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fredag 25 mars 2011

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söndag 20 mars 2011

Isao Omachi Relief Fund

Isao Omachi Relief Fund

Award winning bonsai artist Isao Omachi is one of the rising starts of the Japanese bonsai world. He lives with his wife, two young daughters and parents near Sendai, Japan, in Iwate Prefecture. On March 11, 2011 the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan swept away Omachi’s home, bonsai garden and entire town. Fortunately, the Omachi family ran away and escaped the tsunami. They are fine, homeless and without anything. Isao Omachi’s bonsai garden had numerous fine-quality bonsai specimens he has created. His father has been working on four masterpiece juniper bonsai for nearly 30 years. These were considered his retirement fund after spending his life in the shadow of the big bonsai movement in Japan.
Contributions should be sent to:

The Omachi Relief Fund
P.O. Box 22
Yorklyn, DE 19736 U SA
Contributions are not tax deductible

Isao Omachi has made several trips to the United States helping his friend Shinji Suzuki teaching bonsai. In 2003 they traveled to Rochester, New York and taught at the “Collected Bonsai II Symposium” and the following day conducted a workshop and demonstration for the Bonsai Society of Upstate New York. Mr. Omachi has also been a presenter at a Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention in California. Additionally, Mr. Omachi has presented bonsai demonstrations in Puerto Rico, Italy and France. Marco Invernizzi from Italy has established the Omachi Relief Fund to assist the Omachi family. Please join me along with others from around the world to give financial support to the Omachi family. William N. Valavanis

Other Ways to Send Funds

Please help the Omachi Family and their village:
PayPal info:

SHINJI SUZUKI just opened another bank account in Japan for donations:
Acc.number:252 210566

lördag 19 mars 2011

Mitt nästa projekt, uppföljning

En stor gran som växer på framsidan av huset.
Det växte en annan stor träd, en Rön, som skuggade den rejält och hämmade tillväxten av nytt barr närmare stammen.
Nu har jag kapat till den lite, samt tagit bort en del buskar och träd omkring den.
Härnäst är det näring och mycket ljus som gäller, och få den att utveckla mera barr.
Det finns en bild från Januari tidigare i år, som visar hur den såg ut då.